Sara Moustafa is a Scottish-Egyptian artist and educator based in Alexandria, Egypt. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2015 and has been teaching English as an additional language since 2016. Her interests include linguistics, contemporary art, politics and education. Her sculpture and photography practice is primarily informed by semiotics of external space and improvised systems of public space. She has recently explored identity, religion and culture through text, conversation and photography during her stay in Egypt.

Her practice involves denoting informal space through material investigations. She studies colour combinations of common traffic apparatus and raw construction materials. She considers the obstacles of public space when using drawing as sculptural instructions. With influence taken from found situations and interventions.

The flux of speedy construction is reflected in her ephemeral 'rehearsal' of installation, a required procedure of displacing and replacing found industrial props, or fabricated sculptural components within the studio context.

Her methods of research are compiled in both a visual archive of photographic documentation, and a studio archive of physical material documentation.


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